A woman purporting to be his girlfriend clearly played a

It is a beautiful city with hundreds of years of history and wonderful art museums, with the added bonus of hash bars freaking everywhere.It’s also about to be eaten by the ocean, every single minute of the day.Most of Netherlands resides below sea level, and if anything anything, anywhere, at all goes wrong, Amsterdam will take an entire ocean right in the face. Subsequently, the map of the Netherlands would look a little something like this:But the weed shops are OK, right? RIGHT?!See the black blip labeled «Amsterdam» that’s right in the middle of the fucking blue? That’s what happens if just one of the various, intricate failsafe barriers and dams surrounding the country goes down. Not only the city (highest point: seven feet above sea level), but in fact much of the entire country (lowest point: minus 23 feet) is at constant risk of being claimed by the sea.

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