And so in some ways I feel sorry uk canada goose outlet for

Doonesbury goes after HuffPo Why Evolution Is True

Indeed, writing for HuffPo brings a lot of views. Still, somehow it seems like slave labor to me: you working for a profit making venture, helping bring in the cash, but you don get a penny of it. Writing on this website canada goose coats is different: I don make a penny, but I not enriching anyone else either (except, perhaps, Doctors without Borders, but that fine). And so in some ways I feel sorry uk canada goose outlet for those who write for canada goose black friday sale HuffPo: they selling themselves too canada goose uk outlet cheaply. The one group of people Canada Goose Jackets that canada goose clearance sale doesn get paid is the group of people who provide the content. All those editors and business people put the job on their resumes, which is Canada Goose Outlet also exposure. There are plenty of other ways to not make money without being exploited.Also, unlike, for example, newspaper employees, freelancers are legally unable to organize strikes. According to anti trust law, each freelancer is considered an independent business, and cheap Canada Goose so organizing a strike is considered some kind of collusion by law. (The situation is completely different in the UK.)legislators have not been overly friendly to people canada goose store seeking greater labor rights over the last few decades. (The situation is completely different in the UK.)As a some time volunteer Canada Goose Online for the OILC, Canada Goose online the first trade union set up in Britain after Thatcher attempts (may she suffer moments of lucidity to appreciate her dribbling senility and impending death ; I sure she realises how many people deeply hate her) to make setting canada goose uk shop up trade unions impossible, I dispute the suggestion that (UK) legislators have been overly friendly to people seeking greater labour rights during the last few decades. Every step of the way, we suffered bureaucratic obstruction, changed laws and changed interpretations of laws forcing us to re do things, and generally had the law fighting to prevent us from representing the interests of our members. And in the mean time, we also had to fight against blacklisting of our members by foreign managed multi national corporations, massive intimidation, and of course several dozen of our members being killed at work (which was why we set up our union. With all that, the repeated efforts of other, longer established, trade unions to stab us in the communal back were hardly noticeable.I sure the HPUB people are getting it in the neck, big style, even as we type. And yes, they have been selling themselves far too cheaply.Personally, I don read HuffPo or other American for profit publications without thinking really carefully about whether I want to export my money to that country. Which adds up to a subscription to Scientist and to and Sci Fi Come to think of it, I really should review that latter subscription when it comes to renewal time.The chaotic nature of organized labor in the US makes sense when you understand that the plutocracy has done a superlative job in suppressing the labor movement. Basically, they won the PR war, with unions being equated with Communism and organized crime.It so bad that Arizona (where I live), along with about half of other states, canadian goose jacket is what euphemistically called a to work state, as well as an state. In reality, it a to get underpaid, fired, and canada goose factory sale generally fucked over if you even dare breathe Canada Goose Coats On Sale a hint that you like to organize state.Yeah, there still unions here, but canada goose outlet not many and they not very canada goose uk black friday strong. And, canada goose clearance yes employee safety, wages, benefits, and job security all suffer uk canada goose significantly as a result. You could print a book of your buy canada goose jacket cheap letters to the editor without asking permission of the publications they were printed in, for example. The sale of HuffPo was sale of the business, buy canada goose jacket not explicitly sale of the contents of the site (although that undeniably confusing). I not a lawyer, but have followed these issues for a long time, and they are confusing. Canada Goose Parka In any specific case where these matters matter materially to you, you should get the advice of someone qualified to opine, because they can be extremely tricky in the internet age.Here the thing. The only value is in getting attention so you can get paid by advertisers.Attention now is mainly measured by Not because eyeballs translate to people taking action to buy anything but mainly because canada goose coats on sale it is cheap and easy to measure thus, sell.Also, the words and pictures that get the most eyeballs are really dum ones. Effectively, no eyeballs attend to complicated, interesting or useful content with much information value.[ then, Googling Rick writes for HuffPo, the first hit was a post I did on this very site in Canada Goose sale September of last year. It canada goose about Rick unwillingly writing for the site for free, an issue on which Trudeau cheap canada goose uk and I [ comment >.

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