Bring a picnic lunch (with a few local beers to drink

I have been collecting jokes for more than 15 years, and enjoy sharing them and helping people to laugh.35 Funny Excuses to Get Out of Doing Somethingby Joshua Zerbini 2 years agoHave you ever wanted to get out of doing something? Well, today is your lucky day! Have a look at this list and jot down some excuses; you will be set for life!24Practical Jokes TricksConsequences of Pranks and Practical Jokesby Colleen Swan 2 years agoA challenge arises when striving to understand the motive behind a practical joke. Any prank played upon someone risks causing that person physical or emotional pain. Where do we draw the line?Moving a Used Grain Bin a Day in the Life of a Rural Contractorby Joilene Rasmussen 13 months agoThis hub features genuine questions asked by potential tourists going to visit Australia, and the hilarious answers they received from the Australian Tourism website, where the officials obviously have a great sense of humour..

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