«She went to great lengths to disguise herself,» Colarulo added

The giant of the Swedish team is Mellberg as far as I am concerned, I wanted Sweden to qualify.However, how can you be poorer if you win? The whole point of the game is to score more goals than the opposition. As was said by Rod Liddle in the Sunday Times, people who say England need to keep the ball have it wrong. England the ball have a mutual distrust!Both cracking goals; let hope we see more.Nick as you noticed, in British English (and as inherited by Australia, NZ, South Africa, most of the commonwealth but not Canada), collective nouns (countries, groups of peopole, companies, etc) are always plural.In US and Canadian English, they are almost always singular, but there is a grey area that sometimes leads to strange grammatical gymnastics:is working on a new microprocessor.

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